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Picture of Poison Ivy
So, what does Poison Ivy look like? Click the picture to see this example and more!

Pulling Ivy From a Tree

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Singe the Poppy!

Time to spot seed!
(Click Here for "How-To" article
and demonstration movie clip)

I am looking for constructive feedback on demonstration video clips as I produce them. Your input, feedback, and criticism are appreciated. If you have a broadband-or-better connection, Click here to watch and respond...

Welcome to the My Garden Gnome web site. This is a free site dedicated to providing useful information to help garden owners enjoy - rather than dread - their gardens.
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-Jon Phebus, G.G.

By far, the most important tool
in my shed is my Pruners!

I HIGHLY recomend Felco brand pruners.
They keep their edge and are a reliable, long lasting, dependable shearing tool! Definitley worth the little bit of extra money (over buying cheap knock-offs!)

These can be difficult to find in local shops, so I am happy to make available here the "Cadillac" of Pruners,
at a very reasonible price!

APRIL 4, 2012: Seasonal interest bulletin

Boxwood leaf miner is a resident pest of Buxus - true boxwood. It is rarely fatal, but does cause unsightly blistering of leaves and
discoloration of foliage.

Here are some realted links:
The life cycle and detailed pictures of Leaf Miner specific to Boxwood

Chemical treatment and timing

More specific treatment and timing

Fact Sheet from U. Fla.

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What the HECK?
Friend or Foe?
LadyBug Nymph

I will give you a hint: They LOVE to eat Aphids!!! Click the picture to find out!

Lila has a Summer Tip! May17
Ex-Lax makes moles
Go Away!
May 10
For help with a particular problem or situation in your garden, you are welcome to email me your pictures (See Contact Page). For questions concerning my personal gardening service, you may use the contact form on the contact page of this site.

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