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Get Rid of Moles With Ex-Lax!

As funny as it sounded to me at first, I was ready to try anything! The boom in construction has displaced a multitude of wildlife, and these last three or for years have become turf battles - pun intended! Where moles aren't being immediately displaced into a new neighborhood their populations are booming from their improved living conditions.

Now I MUST say that an ounce of PREVENTION is worth a pound of cure!
If your neighbors have moles, or if you have had moles in the past, you need to consider how to prevent or deter them from your yard to begin with. The most effective prevention I have used is the vibrating Mole Stakes. These are seasonally available at some nurseries, but always available from Amazon (click here to get a few for yourself!)

How do you now you have moles?

You will know if YOU have moles if your lawn feels "smooshy" or "mushy" but not wet....maybe like a moon-ride/ air cushion when you walk across it. You will also find that if you lean down and look ACROSS the lawn, it will look like running veins of ridges in your lawn... like Bugs Bunny Jr. has been through your yard!

Mark or make note of several areas where you go and tear a hole out of the top of this tunnels network. Just walk along the ridges of this network and with a stick or old tool handle, punch holes in the roof of the tunnels. Return to these same areas over the next three days or so and watch to see if your damage is repaired when you return. If they are not, try ROLLING your lawn.

If they ARE repaired, you very likely have active mole tunnels. So, here's what you do...

Go get some Ex-Lax squares (I use and recommend the CHOCOLATE ones) and a long handle tool for pokin' holes (I have a leftover tool handle I have adapted for this purpose). Walk along your tunnels poking a hole every 7-10 feet and drop a little square of ex-lax in it.

Be amazed. But be vigilant! They will return every now and again. Individuals do not live very long. The ones you "take care of" with the ex-lax won't likely return, but other generations will make their way back into your garden even within a year. It might take a week or few of vigilance to address the problem directly. After that, you will have luck if you just keep it in the back of your mind when you walk your lawn, and keep a supply of ex-lax on hand.


Purchase the ex-lax wherever you also purchase any High-fiber supplements!